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Student at UOS -  studying community dance

  • Isla Bliss

Your body is your tool

On Friday we were given the opportunity of watching the dress run of James Cousins new creation at DanceEast. This new creation, Epilogues is unbelievably intimate and intriguing, the dancers showcase immense talent and skill throughout. The first duet ‘Within Her Eyes’ is a remarkable piece, the control and trust between the two dancers is next level. The connection and emotion thrown out of the dancers knocks you for 6 - I am in awe of how the choreographer worked so closely with the dancers to create a duet so touching. It is watching this kind of dance that drives my passion to one day be able to create something that touches the audience – I want the power to be able to control how the audience feels even just for 30 seconds after watching something.

Being able to create something that feels on the cusp of intruding, as though we are watching something we possibly shouldn’t because of the connection between the dancers, left my body in goose bumps. From here Cousins took us to watch 2 other duets, both again with such a strong connection between the dancers – the openness and expression that the dancers were able to commit to the dance was incredible. As a dancer and wannabe choreographer having the opportunity to watch as much diverse dance as possible is snatched at every opportunity.

I feel that if I don’t take every chance and opportunity given to me that I am wasting someone else's opportunity to show me the talent and passion they have a dancer. I left that theatre on Friday with the feeling that I know (with the hard work and commitment I have to give) that one day I could have my name on DanceEast’s programme.

If I have learnt anything from dance over the past 14 years it is that YOU have the ability to express how YOU feel and that is something that can never be changed. As a dancer your tool is your body and no-one can ever take that tool away from you, so look after it as though you’re a builder who has just bought the most expensive high-tech hammer on the market. Don’t let someone else tarnish your most priced possession.

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