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Student at UOS -  studying community dance

  • Isla Bliss


Updated: May 12, 2019

This is me! 18 years old wanting to share my adventures of being a student and travelling when I have the money and time.

It was at the age of 11 I knew what I wanted to be, I've loved dance and have always been keen to get involved wherever possible. The passion started at 5 when, I burst open the bathroom door and said to my mother 'I want to start ballet now'.

I grew fond of the idea of dance colleges but soon realised it wasn't the performing that had driven my love of dance, it was my dance teacher. Everything I knew was because of her - and I wanted to be just like that, to be able to make a positive impression on whoever possible.


So after my A-Levels, I looked into teaching degrees and going to BBO HQ (dance exam board) in London but then I was handed a news paper article by my Grandmother advertising 'UOS and DanceEast's new community dance course', I went to the open day and the rest is history.

I moved the staggeringly long journey of 15 minutes down the road to live in uni accommodation and am loving it! The people I have met and relationships I have made are ones that will last a long time.

From being at uni so far I have learnt to just be yourself, make decisions that make you happy because no-one wants to live with regret! oh and to not go out too much or order too many takeaways during freshers so you're not skint come christmas.

Just do what makes you happy!

Live for yourself, not anyone else.

Isla Bliss

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