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Plans and Goals for 2019

Updated: May 12, 2019

Anyone else feel like they set out to do so much in January and become more organised? Well so did I and its now the end of January and I’ve done none of what I planned.

So here’s what I have planned for the rest of the year!

Set Routine

Being a student, the weekends are spent recovering from hangovers and in the week uni work takes over my life so I’m pretty tired come the evenings and like most teens I struggle to get out of the bed on cold mornings. But I want to get a set routine, in the week wake up at a good time and maybe just leave the lay ins until the weekend!

Anyone have any suggestions of ways to make yourself get up in the morning, if so please share – my bed is always a lot comfier when I wake up than when I go to sleep….

Skin Care

is something I’ve always wanted to do properly but never taken the time to do, I wash and moisturise my face every day and use the occasional face mask but feel I need to add a little more to the routine to get the gorgeous skin I desire. With all the routine I have suddenly decided my life needs, and being a student with a very low income I need to start planning what I eat during the week. Breakfasts usually consist of porridge, granola or a pack of belvita, lunch is some sort of veg with hummus and then every day I seem to wing dinner as it’s the meal I hate cooking the most – anyone else at uni dislike cooking for one? It’s such a chore. So maybe I need to find meals I actually enjoy and cooking won’t be so boring!


Having a packed schedule in terms of lectures and sessions for my degree I have decided 20mins of exercise in the morning will help wake me up (whether I stick to this or not is another question but it seems like a good idea). My Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are on average 8 hr days so any gyming is out of the question as I’m not that motivated yet! I have decided to start a dance society at uni as well so I'm pretty busy at the moment trying to sort my life out like every other student.

Grow my site

I have loved seeing the interaction that my site has had the past couple of days and hope that as the year continues that my site will only continue to grow.

More exciting news –

I’m going on holiday in April and have a big dance show in June to celebrate my dance schools 25 year anniversary.

Other than the holiday and dance as of now I have nothing else planned, hopefully the end of the year brings just as much excitement as the first half will be. Any suggestions on how to make my year more interesting without spending too much money?!

In general I think my main goal for this year is to make it the best year yet, I want to be a better person and make memories that will last a lifetime - bring on 2019!

Anyways, remember - Live life for yourself, not anyone else

Isla Bliss

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